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28th May, 2013. 3:26 pm. TAGANROG, Russia(chekhov_tour)

Оригинал взят у chekhov_tour в TAGANROG

If you are interested in Russia and a distinguished Russiam playwrite Anton Chekhov!

Taganrog, the homeland of the great Russian writer A.P.Chekhov, is located in the south of Russia, on the bank of the Azov Sea (Taganrog Gulf).  The city was founded by Peter I in 1698 as a fortress and a harbor.  The tsar even intended to relocate here the country’s capital; however his plan wasn't fated to be carried out in view of the unsuccessful war with Turkey.  Earlier in the VII-VI centuries B.C. on the territory of the present Taganrog there was a Greek settlement and now there are numerous fragments of ceramics and other findings which testify upon it.  Not far away from Taganrog archeologists also found an ancient Greek city called Tanais which is the largest archaeological museum and reserve at present (
Throughout the existence of the city it was visited by the talented and well-known people.  So in 1820 A.S. Pushkin stopped in Taganrog and, being inspired by this trip, wrote his poem " On seashore far a green oak towers …".  The oak about which the poet wrote, still grows in the city grove.  Taganrog was also visited by Alexander I, however, unfortunately, here did he die.  Nowadays the city’s embankment bears the name of the distinguished Russian poet A.S. Pushkin and there is also his monument located at the same place. Central Park
Central Park
In honor of Alexander the First there was placed a monument on one of central squares, which now also bears his name.  One of the main city’s sights is also the monument just near the sea to the Taganrog’s founder -Peter the Great with his eyes turned far away into the sea.
Taganrog is the homeland of such celebrated and talented persons as F.G. Ranevskaya, K.A.Savitsky, D.M.Sinodi Popov, V.Ya.Parnakh, S.Ya.Parnok and, certainly, A.P.Chekhov! (http://chekhov-tour.livejournal.com/1217.html). There is a small house in which A.P.Chekhov was born and spent the first years of his life.  At the moment it is a museum and it is open for visitors. It is also possible to visit Chekhov’s shop in which his father sold certain goods and a gymnasium in which the writer studied.
Among other Taganrog sights there is a palace of the town’s governor Alferaki, a stone stairway, which is more than 180 years old, Alexander the Fist mansion, an ancient sundial, a house of children's writer I.D.Vasilenko, a city’s museum of local lore, a museum of the aircraft equipment, an art museum, a central park named after of Maksim Gorky, yacht-club, etc. It is necessary to tell that the city is also famous for its universities, institutes and other educational institutions therefore it is considered by right as a university city!
Taganrog old stairway fragment
Yacht club

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6th March, 2011. 8:00 am. Portraits of West Java Heritage(hadingrh)

Anybody had visited to West Java, Indonesia? Let's learn a bit their cultures and traditions. You can also learn more at Bandung tourism

Tradition and Culture

Wayang GolekPrincipally an oral tradition, the people of West Java developed more than 180 forms of artistic expression within 19 clusters, the oldest of these is supposed to be poetry. Traditional epic poems tell of the history and heroes of the people from time immemorial through the Galuh and Pajajaran kingdoms, and continue today. Haji Hasan Mustapa (1852 - 1930) is a giant in the tradition having produced some 10,000 works.

Today the languages of West Java bear an imprint of the oral tradition and remain popular for daily use. They are complex languages attesting to social roles and caste. Puppet plays were often used to transmit both legend and current events and continue to play a role in ceremonial and festive events. West Java is rich also in batik traditions from Tasikmalaya, Garut, Indramayu, and Cirebon.

Traditions handed down the generations mixed with beliefs (nature based and animistic) and religions (Hindu and Islam) formed the culture of the people. Marriages are the joining of families, and socially, most relationships are family-based. Still today a commercial company will refer to itself as a "big family" and seek quasi-familial relationships in day-to-day operations.

Nature and Plantation

With all its active volcanoes, West Java life has always been influenced by the forces of nature, bringing both momentary catastrophe and enduring fertility to the soil. Coastal peoples depend on the richness of the seas and the rhythms of nature form the core identity and very prosperity of West Java.

Colonial power organized the inherent riches with formal cultivation and institutions, providing great wealth for Europe. Plantations crops include tea, coffee, quinine, rubber, copra, sugar, cocoa, and coconut.

Village and City

Traditionally, geography and land use precluded large concentrations of people in the mountainous areas of West Java, but ports on the coasts bustled with trade and business. Villages remain today the most numerous settlements, but cities have burgeoned with population and economic shifts.

Village structures are made with materials at hand: bamboo, rattan, wood, grass, and rock and bonded together through the centuries as stylized and elegant constructions, and organization. Surrounding these villages are the rice paddies and vegetable farms that dictate the local economy.

Cities developed with industrialization and the western imprint is clear. West Java's strategic location and comparatively more comfortable climate made it a target of leisure and academic activities under colonial rule. The capitol, Bandung, was planned to become the capitol of the colony, and bears witness to its 1930's heyday in elegant streetscapes and outstanding architecture.

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25th November, 2009. 2:38 pm. Trabsfer AirPort Pulkovo I, II St-Petersburg Russia(taxi_transfer)

Our taxi will meet you at airport or at railway-station, we help you with luggage and you will get your destination with pleasure.

Special signboard with your name will make you not to get lost.

Advantages of booking your transfer with us: friendly English-speaking driver, comfortable and reliable cars such as Ford Focus, Ford Mondeo etc. Also 1 hour waiting doesn't demand any extra pay.

Also you can order the transfer to another districts near Saint-Petersburg (Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Gatchina etc.)

Possibility of farer transfers could be discussed.


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10th November, 2009. 12:22 am. Как иметь дело с китайцами =)(bagybum)

Разумеется, "я вам не скажу за всю Одессу" и за всех китайцев, но всё-таки не утерплю поделиться личными (да и не только личными) наблюдениями...
Голова - в смысле - мозг - в смысле - процессы мыслительные у китайцев, по ходу, не как у нас.
Рассейскому человеку при постановке каких-либо задач чё, как правило, надобно?
Поставить общую цель, разбить её на мелкие задачи и - вперёд и с песнями.
Ну, а уж алгоритм выполнения нужных действий каждый сам себе выстраивает.
Главное, чтоб он, родной, всё записал ,ничего не забыл и потом по списку выполнил.

В общем, в нашем мозгу всё зачастую в аккурат как в игре "собери картинку из пазлов":
"Картинку" перед носом у работничка положить, "пазлы" кучей или по цветам-размерам предварительно распределённые положить - и хай разбирается, чего куда.

А ежли выдавать дозировано, то бишь те же "пазлы", но исключительно по одной штуке, не показав предварительно полной итоговой "картинки", то человек слабо представляет, что, как и на фига вообще делать надобно, и на кой ему энту странную загогулину в руки сунули.
Скорей всего, просто сядет и будет ждать, пока вы ему второй кусочег не выдадут, а там и третий, а там и само картинко.

Что происходит у китайцев? С точностью до наоборот.
Им прям-таки противопоказано выдавать несколько задач/действий сразу.
Сбой программы происходит и откровенное зависание, требующее немедленной "RESET".
Ну, не могут они, в большинстве своём, охватить больше 1 задачи за раз, а, тем более, выстроить их в оптимальном порядке.
Но и признаться в этом - лицо потерять - тоже никто не хочет.
В итоге - дела не делаются, процесс стоит, никуда не идёт.

И это совсем не значит, что все китайцы, как один - тупые тугодумы. Наоборот!
Продолжение по ссылке: http://www.blogstock.ru/main/social/365-kak-imet-delo-s-kitajcami.html

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22nd May, 2006. 4:39 pm. A webcam map of Hawaii, damn it's pretty there.(destroyus)

Sadly I can't afford to get out to Hawaii. But my friend Tracy went and she made a map of web-cams all over the islands:


I added some beautiful videos to the map that I found on youtube and voila! It's an interactive map of Hawaii!
Like it?



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30th April, 2006. 10:35 pm.(maximusmm)

I found a new link on My Yahoo!:

Traveling Light - The Art of Independent Travel, by Rolf Putts

I saw it before I logged in to the Yahoo! network, and it was the entry called "The Dark Side of Travel Romance" that was up.

And just in case it hasn't been up:
- yes, my favorite guidebooks are online!!

And I'm going to Barcelona in July!!

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31st October, 2005. 1:28 am. Istanbul(maximusmm)

I was in Istanbul in the end of August - and I found myself writing this in an e-mail:

If you're going to Istanbul, there are a few things I think are musts - if you have been/done these, you can't be ashamed not to see/do anything else:
  • Visit the Sultanahmet Mosque (The Blue Mosque)
  • Visit Ayasofya (Haghia Sofia Mosque/church, now museum)
  • Visit a hamam (a Turkish bath)
    I visited the Çemberlitaş Hamamı (http://www.cemberlitashamami.com.tr/) with one of my female cousins, and as far as I understood from my other female cousin and my aunt, it was way better than the overpriced one across the Golden Horn (I can't remember which one it was).
  • Visit the Grand Bazar
    If you want to buy something there, come shortly before closing hours - my experience was that the sellers were more eager to put down the prices by then. And if you *know* you can get what you want cheaper elsewhere, just deny to buy it there until they put down the price to your price. Worked for me. And if they demand overprice for something that is a copy of an expensive brand, deny to buy it for their price - because it's not "da real thang", dangit! Then they'll put down the price. Worked for my cousin, anyway, who claims that she's not good at it whatsoever.
  • Eat some local food and drink some Turkish tea.
    Both the black tea and the apple tea can be suggested from here - I didn't drink anything but those, Pepsi/Coca-Cola, and water.
    There are lots and lots of fantastic places to eat in the Sultanahmet area - just to mention one is Doy-Doy (http://www.doydoyrestaurant.com/), and if you like cake, you'll have to visit the Özsüt located at 48, Divan Yolu Caddesi, also in Sultanahmet. Unfortunately, Özsüt doesn't offer the traditional Turkish tea, but on the roof terrace they have in the Sultanahmet department they have the most gorgeous view of the Blue Mosque (I remeber thinking that it should have been called the Golden Mosque because of the light - even the birds flying around it looked like they were made of gold).
  • Visit one of their fruit/veggies markets.
    They're wonderful! I remember being at a weekly market on a Wednesday - but you better check up on it. And just so you know: The green figs they sell are actually better than the regular figs - although you might think otherwise.
  • No holiday without paying overprice for something - but WATCH OUT if you visit the Prince Islands. In the European part of Istanbul, where we were staying, it would be pretty clear what was included in the price when eating. But when we went sailing, my grandmother had to pay something in the area of $100 for a lunch for all of us because we hadn't been informed clearly of the prices. In the Northern world, $100 is quite the amount of money - but it doesn't compare to how much it is in Istanbul!!!
If you're going, Time Out Istanbul is a fantastic guidebook.

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20th June, 2005. 3:27 am. Nycirkus @ Roskilde Festival(maximusmm)

Jeg går inde på AFUK (Akademiet For Utæmmet Kreativitet) på Islands Brygge, som lige har haft en strålende Festivitas - vidunderlige mennesker, vidunderlige shows, vidunderlige indstallationer. Bl. a. var der en fra Artistliniens andetårshold, der havde lavet sit eget show.
Han hedder Kasper Jensen, og han optræder med "Nycirkus" i Angora F. Hvis du skal på Roskilde er han helt klart værd at opleve!

Info på dansk @ Roskilde-Festival.dk

Kaspers hjemmeside

I'm attending school at AFUK (The Academy of Untamed Creativity) on Islands Brygge in Copenhagen, which just had a brilliant Festivitas (festival/festivities) - wonderful people, wonderful shows, wonderful installations. Among others, there was a guy from the Artist line's second year who made his own show.
His name is Kasper Jensen, and he's performing with "Nycirkus" (newcircus) in Angora F. If you're going there, it's absolutely worth it to experience him!

Info in English @ Roskilde-Festival.dk

Kasper's homepage

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6th May, 2005. 12:04 am. Celebrity Iceland(maximusmm)

I know, lame subject line. Anyway...

I got this from Babara through Viggo's Ring. I tried to contact her about posting this here, but she never answered. So unless someone contradicts this, I don't think anyone minds. Barbara wrote:

What Viggo likes to eat, when he is in Iceland.

At yahoo.alerts I found this little interesting article:


Pizza, bagels, and hot dogs—yes, we’re talking about Reykjavík Winter in Iceland brings a welcome drop in airfares, but the restaurants remain expensive. A resident tells where to go
By Valur Gunnarsson

Updated: 11:59 a.m. ET Feb. 8, 2005
February issue, Budget Travel magazine - Whether it’s due to the cost of importing or the lack of competition, nothing comes cheap in Iceland. The idea of healthy living hasn’t really caught on, either. Having said that, there are quite a few nice little restaurants, most in the downtown area, that are affordable (at least by Icelandic standards).

Grænn Kostur: Grænn Kostur (“green choice”) is completely vegan: no sugar, no bleached flour, nothing from the animal kingdom. (Not exactly true—Antonio, a chubby cat thought to resemble a Latin lover, is served dairy products.) Actor Viggo Mortensen stops by on his frequent horse-riding trips. If you’re in luck, the day’s special ($12) will be a stuffed pepper or, failing that, a spinach pie. A second helping costs $3.

Skólavördustígur 8b, 011-354/552-2028.

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18th December, 2004. 9:42 pm.(thievingpirate)

Oh snap! Is this a promotion for anther LiveJournal Community? IN FUCKING DEED!


If you enjoy train hoppin, hitch hikin, buildin squattin, and change beggin, join my god damn community!

no payin travlers

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